The Barn Garden

July 3, 2013

barn 41Last weekend I was down in London for my birthday. Now, just outside of London, and to the north, there is a place called Serge Hill. It’s set at a high point above the Hertfordshire countryside, and it’s where I spent a lot of my childhood with my very oldest friend, Rose (she is now an artist: buy her paintings).

While I was there, The Barn at Serge Hill was hosting its first festival of garden literature, and if that’s not a combination of all your favourite things in one weekend then you and I might not get along so well.

barn 39

barn 1 The programme of events (a play about Constance Spry, a history of the rose in literature, a garden writing competition) was lovely, but the star of the show was really the garden. It’s the personal garden of Tom Stuart-Smith, who has designed precisely all of the world’s most beautiful gardens. So it’s a bit special.

barn 33

barn 19

barn 4barn 27barn 15
barn 26barn 24barn 10It made me desperate to have my own garden, though. Dangerous thinking.

barn 14barn 29barn 42

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