A Spot of Gardening

July 8, 2013

herbs 3Inspired by my recent garden adventures, I’ve been getting my hands dirty. I don’t have my own garden, sadly, but that won’t stop me. I have a windowsill, and that will have to do.

Early in the spring we started a little windowsill herb garden, and it had a few successes and some failures. A mysterious disease (whitefly? powdery mildew? both?!) attacked the rosemary, so it’s currently in intensive care. The mint and thyme, on the other hand, have been wildly enjoying rude health.

And I sowed some lavender seeds a while ago and they are just now beginning to peep above the surface. Buoyed by  all of this, I headed to the garden centre the other day to replace my terminal coriander (RIP) and get some sage. I ended up getting a bit carried away.

herbs 8herbs 6herbs 7I used some of my birthday money to get a little white windowsill greenhouse, which is now home to a collection of seed pots. One day, I hope they will become basil and oregano. (I already have some basil on the go in the meantime, though, for pasta sauce emergencies.)

herbs 9herbs 10herbs 11

And then… I also got two tomato plants.

Now. It’s a bit of a leap from herb to fruit when your entire garden is indoors. But I’m having a crack.

I have two varieties, both of which should, apparently, provide cherry-sized tomatoes. I think this is probably enough of a garden for now, until I can afford to have something proper and, you know, outdoors. I haven’t started listening to Gardeners’ Question Time yet, but it’s surely not far off…

herbs 2…so, if you do ever hear a shrill girl in the audience, demanding ‘What happened to my rosemary? Is it whitefly or powdery mildew? I must know!’ — please send help.

herbs 4

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